We’re All Going To Health

I’ve been sick lately. Really Sick. More specifically, I’ve found myself sick of health care. Insurance companies are getting more invasive and I am now at the boundary of my sanity. I’m fighting back.

The festers of my healthcare rebellion started last year when Aetna forced us [our company’s healthcare members] to partake in a “wellness” survey. The survey, promoted as “optional”, left you with a $500 fee if you didn’t volunteer your healthcare information. I went along with it to avoid the fee.

UHC Wellness Letter

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This year, United Healthcare has taken things one step further. Last month I received a letter and, based upon answers from another health assessment, I have been voluntold to partake in a program to lose weight and/or quit smoking. If I choose not to involve myself, my premiums rise $50 a month. To say I’m livid is an understatement.

Perhaps I’m livid because I’ve struggled most of my life to GAIN weight. Perhaps I’m livid because I smoke one cigarette every four months (I’ve had the same pack for almost a year now). Then again, I’m probably just livid because of the invasive tactics that corporations are engaging themselves in. I’m equally perturbed at the healthcare mandate because it removes my freedom to refuse paying for a service that I really don’t want anymore. I like the way casinos put it: Insurance is a suckers bet.

UHC called me the other day to schedule me with my “personal coach”. I tried to reason with the individual telemarketer on the other end but it was to no avail. Signing up was mandatory (to avoid the premium increase). So I, and all of my 5’8 129lbs signed up for the weight loss program. I can’t weight (pun intended) to meet my personal coach.

These invasive wellness programs are becoming more frequent and causing labor problems. I now have to take time out of my business working hours to deal with the insanity and bureaucracy of a company that is hell-bent on protecting its bottom line. It is, in every sense of the phrase, a financial war.

I get it. I really do. Healthcare cost money. But instead of looking for innovative ways to pay the expenses and encourage healthy living, we’ve resorted to forcing people into programs like this (whether needed or not) or they get ‘taxed’.

I’m going to make one last effort to contact UHC and get myself excluded from this madness. I neither phyically need this or want it. It is costing them money by drafting me into this program. I am hoping someone there understands this. I am hoping someone there at UHC is logical.

However, be it known, if UHC insists on drafting me into this healthcare war, then I will give them a war. If I have back cramp I will go to the doctor. If I wake up with a twitch in my eye, I will go to the doctor. If I so much as don’t like the color of my urine, the smell of my breath in the morning or the sight of a freckle on my arm then I will go to the doctor. If they insist on my health, then I will monitor my health to their detriment. I will at every turn make sure I am healthy.

United Health, are you listening?

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