Your Phone. Your Data

I still remember the first computer I ever touched. My fingers graced with passion across the keyboard of that Commodore 64 and, if I try hard enough, I can still hear the 300 baud Vic modem connecting to the bulletin boards I dialed into. Those were the days of “War Games”. The world of technology has come a long way since that time but the fuels that fed the techno fire remains ever with us: Power & Control.

I’m still a nerd today! once a nerd always a nerd, right? I still burn on the inside, digging ever deeper into the layers of what can be understood, manipulated and changed. I’m still an idiot savant (albeit more idiot than savant). I love the mental intrigue that technology has given me.

I no longer have that C-64 (it actually belonged to my brother) but the toys I have now are smarter, faster and smaller. Chiefest among those is my Galaxy Note 3. It’s an amazing piece of hardware,unlocked phone especially when compared to those early 1980’s predecessors from which it descended. While I’m on the go, I can now accomplish a myriad of tasks with the push of a button and the commands from my voice. It’s almost a perfect device.

I said almost. Those fuels of power & control still burn in all of us, especially the makers and distributors of the device (Samsung & ATT). Far be it from the corporate giants to give us full control. Yes, they want to “empower” you with newer technologies, they only want your techno-soul in return: They want your data. There’s a theological point I’m driving towards here so bear with me a bit.

With the advancement of computers, the world came to understand the concept of viruses. No, not those biological bugs but those techno bugs, malicious bits of software that eat and steal your data. It was inevitable that such things migrated with the technology given to us. Computer viruses became mobile phone viruses. A single click to a malicious website can open a hole in your phone giving full control to any number of miscreants.

No worries! Samsung has given us its “KNOX” security software. It’s a boot-loader: a layer of protection that begins as soon as you start your phone. It can protect you from all sorts of things. Most importantly, it protects you from yourself (even if you don’t want such protection). And therein lies the trickery.

It’s my phone. I paid for it. I want full control over it. More importantly, I don’t want software that forces me to rely on someone else for control of my data. And if KNOX is so secure, how come I was able to root my phone and take full control back from Samsung and ATT?

If you understand nothing else, understand this: The future of technology is all about data knowledge: Where you go, who you call, what you watch on TV, your shopping habits, the websites that intrigue you, your favorite games, etc. The people who have that information have a better chance of selling you anything & everything. This is not just about selling you products though, it’s about their ability to sell you ideologies. Sell a person a product, they might come back. Sell a person an ideology and you control them.

Government knows this. Why else does Congress and the NSA tell bold face lies to the American public? The less you know the better. This is not a conspiracy theory about the evils of government or people “out to get us”. It’s about the evolution of power. Absolutely power corrupts absolutely and the snowball has picked up weight and speed going down techno-mountain.

In order for there to be an Anti-Christ and a one world government, there must be a largely unified ideology. Technology is the platform that will deliver the speech. Our acceptance of giving data ‘to the cloud’, third parties and the government is the new pledge of allegiance. But just like the KNOX software, it’s all an artificial sense of security. You don’t have to be a nerd to see it coming.

I love my phone. I’d recommend it to anyone. I’d recommend it even more with KNOX uninstalled, the operating system rooted and the bloatware removed.

My Phone. My Data.

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